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SEPTEMBER 18, 2013

Everything’s Gone Green – Cardinal Point 2012 Green

Banner for Everything’s Gone Green – Cardinal Point 2012 Green

Image by Andrea Hubbell. Words by Jenée Libby.

Like a lot of us, I’ve been gearing up for fall by pulling out my cutest boots, anticipating everything pumpkin-flavored, and switching up cocktail time from margaritas to martinis. Then the weather took an unexpected turn for the hazy, hot, and humid. My season switching came to an abrupt halt and once again I’m enjoying my favorite wine of the summer, Cardinal Point Vineyard’s 2012 Green.

When temperatures are soaring and the humidity is nearing Saigon levels, a cold glass of Green really hits the spot that needs hitting. It’s light, dry, refreshing, tart, and crisp. This wine is lemon meets chartreuse in color and bright on the tongue—like biting into a juicy green apple. Cardinal Point’s 2012 Green is created by blending Petit Manseng and Chardonnay grapes and is meant to be consumed young, within a year of bottling. Winemakers at Cardinal Point were inspired by Portuguese vino verde wines to create a blend that not only pairs well with food, but is quaffable.

Now quaffable is a great word, and one used to describe Green by Todd Kliman. You know, the extremely awesome food writer who swooned over Peter Chang in Oxford American last year? He chose to serve this wine to attendees at the Southern Foodways Alliance Summer Symposium in Richmond, Virginia, this past June. We had tons of extraordinary food and drink that weekend celebrating “Women Who Work,” but this wine was the highlight for me. And the reason I’ve been quaffing Green all summer long.

Quaffable in essence means one (or multiple) glasses of Green can be enjoyed all on their own. It doesn’t need food or a special decant. A summer porch glider at twilight is just fine, which is how I’ve enjoyed Green this entire wet, rainy season, while wishing the sun and heat of summer would finally arrive. The wishing seems to have worked for now—better late than never. Like that great song by New Order, Everything’s Gone Green, and so have I, just about every weekend night on my porch swing. And fall can take its sweet time getting here.


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