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APRIL 15, 2016

Drink This! The Commissioner

Banner for Drink This! The Commissioner

Words by Polina Chesnakova. Images by Andrea Hubbell.

As the flowers rise from their winter beds, the returning birds sing their melodic song, and the sun comes out to play, you know spring has sprung. To celebrate, we propose a toast with just the right drink to mark the occasion: The Commissioner.

This lightly-colored cocktail is reminiscent of a White Manhattan. It features Virginia Distillery Company‘s Virginia Highland Malt Whisky, which has been finished in port-style wine barrels. To add brightness and acidity, Lindera Farm’s foraged Elderflower vinegar is added, supplemented by the chamomile and citrus of Boston Bittahs, which imparts fruity notes such as peach and apricot. Honey syrup provides warmth, and the black walnut bitters gives depth and body.

Add to the whisky, with its notes of honeysuckle and toffee, and you’ve got yourself a beverage light and floral on the nose, but smooth, lush, and juicy on the palate. What better way to unwind on these warmer days than with a cocktail fashioned after the spring season itself!

Virginia Distillery Company’s “The Commissioner”

1 1/2 oz Virginia Highland Malt Whisky
1/2 oz Elderflower vinegar
4 drops Boston Bittahs
1/2 oz honey syrup
1 dash walnut bitters

The Commissioner as pictured prepared by Micah LeMon, bar manager at The Alley Light.




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